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Our people understand the challenges you face when producing a direct mail package. We have a complete mailing facility in house, allowing your project to be mailed immediately after printing, and we have knowledgeable team members to provide guidance along the way.

On the front end, we listen to clients and advise about mail-piece design, ensuring that a mailing will meet postal specifications and will be processed in the most efficient and cost effective way.  We remember the little things, like making sure the order form you’re printing is going to fit in the reply envelope, the address is going to show through the window properly, and that barcodes and scan lines will meet the specifications from your fulfillment house.

Our mailing production services include:
  • full service data processing (including NCOA and postal presorting)
  • inkjet addressing
  • laser personalization
  • inserting
  • stamping
  • Labelaire affixing
  • warehousing
  • distribution services
  • postal optimization

Our postal optimization includes
  • co-palletization
  • co-mingling
  • destination entry

We analyze your mailing lists and packages, weighing postal savings against freight expense, and recommend only those processes that provide true value (after freight is factored into the equation).  We also follow up and give you updated delivery reports to the postal facilities. 

You benefit from our extensive knowledge of the United States postal system and the logistics of getting mail delivered to the targeted reader in a timely manner.


"I don’t know how they do it! Fisher consistently manages to pull my feet out of the fire and get my mailing out the door on time."
-Michele Camp

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