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The Fisher Group pressroom prints the ink on paper and can use a variety of specialized features to deliver print products that are ready to elicit response and increase your revenue.

  • Our 22 ¾ x 38" full web, five-color press that can print process color plus PMS inks, metallic colors, or spot varnish. With perforating, inline finishing, and a combination former/folder, this press can finish many formats, from eight-page pasted self-mailers to sixteen-page signatures. This press is ideal for brochures, newsletters, catalogs, and free-standing inserts.


  • Our half-web press is designed to produce in-line folded letters and brochures starting from a sheet size of 17 ¾ x 26 ½. With color combinations from 5/5 to 1/0, this press also has a combination folder to produce signatures for 8 ½ x 11 to 3 ½ x 5 booklets.


  • Our non-heatset, full-web press efficiently produces two-color letters, applications, newsletters, and buckslips. This non-perfecting press can run any color array from 2/2, 3/1 to 4/0. Its high-speed efficiency is perfect for large format, high volume letters.

In summary, the Fisher Group pressroom has both long-cutoff 22 ¾ and short-cutoff 17 ¾, heatset and non-heatset capability. The four-color perfecting presses have color control systems, web and register guidance controls, automated stackers and delivery systems, former folders, combination folders, rotary cutters, inline finishing capabilities, and press pasting. These presses put us in the top 400 printers in the country according to Printing Impressions magazine.


"I don’t know how they do it! Fisher consistently manages to pull my feet out of the fire and get my mailing out the door on time."
-Michele Camp

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